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 Cute English Sms

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طروي مزيون

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مُساهمةموضوع: Cute English Sms   الأربعاء فبراير 11, 2009 12:11 pm

Your voice is as sweet
as a morning in May
Warming my heart
on a cold winter's day

Your words fill my heart
and your touch fills my mind
I swear, I will love you
till the end of time

I've searched all around
trying to find my love
Then you came in my life
I've left my searching behind

You've become my soul mate
and will be to the end
You're not only my soul mate
but my best friend

My searching is over
for I've found one so true
My darling you know
my true love is you

A fragrant rose I give to you
It's fresh with morning dew
The message it conveys
My love is deep and true

Each moment that we share
My love for you just grows
You are so very special
Like the beauty of the rose

I promise I'll love you always
My heart beats just for you
And a symbol of my love
Is this red rose touched with dew

Oh, what joy it is
to have friends like you
For giving me strength
the way you do

For lifting me up
when I'm feeling down
And putting a smile on my face
when I'm wearing a frown

Thanks for being there
and helping me grow
Your friendship means a lot
this I'd like you to know

True friends are rare
and hard to find
just like treasures
two of a kind

Like an angel
holding on till the end
you will always remain
my one and true friend

My Friend, Thank You
Thank you for all the moments we've shared
Moments filled with shared feelings and thoughts
dreams and wishes, secrets, laughter and tears
and above all, friendship

Just a little cheery note to help you
start your day
Sending you a "Good Morning" to
help you start your day

Many miles are between us
as our coffee starts to brew
A fun filled day is what I wish for you

I look forward to your emails
when I stop to rest
In all the world of friends
to me you are the best

Have A Happy Day

Rise and shine my little dear
the stars have left the sky
A new day is waiting
don't let it pass you by

Birds are singing in the trees
a song of morning cheer
Rise and shine o' little one
I want to hold you near

Good Morning

A Good Morning greeting
is sent your way

With lots of nice wishes
to brighten your day

And prayers from my heart
to protect you all the way

Sweet dreams darling
Rest your pretty head
Know as you are resting
Protections round your bed

Angels of mercy
A light, divine, complete
Will watch you as your sleeping
Please sleep my babe in peace

Thinking of you as you settle down for the night

As night falls
the stars whisper goodnight
The moon closes its eyes
and will sleep until daylight
A shooting star fall
so lively and free
As you lie down
rest your soul and have sweet dreams

Before you lay down to sleep
I want to send my love
You have given light to my life
Like the glowing stars above
May your dreams be filled with happiness
And I hope they all come true
Because I love you with all my heart
Good night and sweet dreams to you

with the emptiness I feel inside
Can't seem to chase the blues away
for the loneliness will not subside

Praying for you my friend
for a speedy recovery
Feeling blue without you
'cause you mean so much to me

Get Well Soon

So sorry to hear
you are feeling ill,
And wish we could send you
a magic pill.

Instead good wishes
are winging their way,
Hoping you're
feeling better today.

Just take it easy
and rest for a while,
Soon you will face
life again with a smile.

Get Well Soon!

Hope you're feeling better
as you start a brand new day
Wish you health and strength
and lots of joy along the way

Take all the rest you need
till your health is up to par
That when you're up and well
you'll shine like a morning star

Get well Soon!

There's a frown upon my face
I am very sorry
I want you to know
what I did to you
was really low

I will do my best
to make it up to you
and mend this relationship
no matter
what I have to do


I'm so sorry I made you cry
You mean the world to me
Darling, I implore you
Please accept my apology


This special sms I send to you
To offer my apology
I hurt the one I love so much
The one who means so much to me

Miss you more and more each day
My heart is aching for you
Say you will forgive me, dear
Then I'll prove to you my love is true

Missing your company
while you're away
When you come back
it'll be a better day

The sun will come out
and shine real bright
Clouds will disappear
and things will be alright

Sure Do Miss You

There are places in my heart
Known to only me
Secret places filled with love
For home and family

No matter where I go
The love stays in my heart
and that makes me feel good
Even when we are apart


Seems like years
that I've seen you
Why we haven't talked
for this I have no clue

Just know that I miss you
your witty ways and all
Won't you please get in touch
e-mail me or give me a call
Missing You

Sending good wishes
to one I hold dear
Can't be there in body
but my spirit is near

Hope that this day
be filled with joy
No one's more deserving
than this special boy

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, sweetheart
May I wish you this for all your years
While we share a life together
Through laughter and through tears

Today you're another year older
The years go by so fast
We knew from the very first moment we met
That our true love we found would last

So as I share this day with you
Let's vow we'll never part.
You've given me strength and courage
And I've given you my heart

Happy Birthday

today is your day
My best wishes & thoughts
are going your way

I hope it is special
& fun too,
for if anyone deserves it
it would surely be you

Best Wishes on Your Birthday

when I need one to lean upon
Thanks for lending me an ear
until the pain is gone

Thanks for the gentle words
spoken to my troubled heart
Thanks for being there for me
right from the very start

Thank You

When I needed someone
You were the only one
You were the one that was there
To show how much you care

In my life an angel
Wings hidden so well
I just wanted to thank you
You're an angel through and through
Thank you for being a wonderful friend

Thank you for your kindness
for being that person you are
That sweetness in your smile
brightens everything by far

You make the world a better place
with warmth like the morning sun
Makes you look forward to tomorrow
cause being with you is so much fun

Glad you came into my life
you turned my world around
Appreciate the things you've done
you've set my feet on solid ground

Thank You

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